Registration, music copyright etc.           $25 per year or part thereof.

Fees (per one hour lesson)   

1st lesson of the week $16.00
2nd additional class in the same week $13.00
3rd additional class in the same week $11.00
4th  additional class in the same week $  9.00
…any further lessons in the same week $  6.00
Private Lessons                $25 per half hour



Student name_____________________________________________Age______D.0.B.____/___/_____


Phone (Hm) ___________________(Wk)_________________(Mb)_______________________________

Email address_________________________________________________________________________

Parent/s /Guardian_____________________________________________________________________

Do you have any illness/injury/allergies we should be aware of? Yes/No

If yes please give details________________________________________________________________

Who should we contact in case on emergency?
Give details Name_________________________ Relationship to child ___________________________________________________Phone___________

I _____________________________________Parent/Guardian of _______________________________

Agree to the terms and conditions set by CorinaSchoolofDance.

It is understood that all students take classes at their own risk and no liability

Under any circumstances shall be taken by the Principals for injury or loss of personal property.

In the event of a medical emergency, and where a parent or guardian cannot notified, I authorise CorinaSchoolofDance to seek medical advice for my child.

CorinaSchoolofDance is not responsible for your child outside of nominated class times. Please be prompt to pick up your child after their class.

Parents and siblings are not permitted in the studio during classes unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.

Proper grooming and dress code is required for all classes.

To ensure continued enrolment please pay your account within the specified time.

By signing this enrolment form you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of payment of fees

(Attached) and general Terms and conditions.


Please return your enrolment form to the front desk by 8/1/2015 together with the enrolment fee of $25 per child/per year.



An administration fee of $25 is to be paid with enrolment form.

As payment is an integral part in the successful running of our school we ask that all parents adhere to our terms and conditions, in payment of fees in time.

All term fees must be paid in advance. Payment is due by the end of the second week of each term, unless prior arrangements have been made with Miss Corina.

Fees will not be refunded for non-attendance of any part of term. If a student commences half way through a term the fee will be payable for the remainder of the term.

Students, whose fees are outstanding by week 6, may result in non-participation in class until payment is received.

An annual concert will be held each year and this will incur additional rehearsal classes at $10 per one hour class and costume invoiced at the beginning of term 4. It is important that students attend all classes leading up to the concert. If you do not wish to participate in the concert please let us know.

Private lessons will NOT be invoiced and are to be paid for, direct to the teacher before the lesson commences. 24hrs notice must be given to cancel arranged private lessons.

Terms and conditions of weekly payments;

Students must be attending two or more classes per week (if attending one class only-fees must be paid by the term).

Classes are still to be paid for if missed. If you wish you can make up classes by taking other classes in another level.

By signing this form you confirm that you have read the Terms and conditions for payment of fees.

Signed by ____________________________________________________ Dated____/___/____

Triple threat Jazz/Tap/Ballet(3-5yrs) with Miss Corina   
RAD Grade Ballet Primary / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 with Miss Corina and Miss Kathy
RAD Major Ballet: Intermediate Foundation / Intermediate / Pointe Class / Body Conditioning / Advanced Ballet
Please note: Exams for Grade 2 and above require 2 lessons a week.Extra classes are necessary prior to exam.

NEW Intermediate Contemporary with Mr Jesus / Senior Contemporary with Mr Jesus  (Thursdays only)   
Intermediate Jazz/Tap with Savanna 
Junior Jazz/Tap with Savanna
Musical Theater  
Senior Musical Theater

Body Conditioning    Pointe Class  Private lessons by appointment only. Contact Miss Corina on 0413691593.  

2016 Classes wishing to attend:  __________________________________________________________________________



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